Boone County, Iowa Vital Record Batch Numbers

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The majority of our resources are guides to an index of Vital Records for this location microfilmed and listed at

There is a great deal of information which can be found through these indexes to those who know how to search it. Using the batch record numbers is a quick way to figure out if your ancestors record is located at a county, parish, or borough courthouse by state. The church members have voluntarily traveled around the country and microfilmed available courthouse and church records and made them searchable online.

In the right column you will see the batch record numbers by county, parish, or borough which are to the indexes for these microfilmed records. Basic information is provided for each record. You can use the information to order a copy of your ancestors record from a family history library near you or a specific county courthouse as the volume of the probate record is often listed. Try many different spellings for your ancestors surnames as courthouse clerks often misspelled first and last names.

For an example, please read: How to use our Vital Records Search.

In some locations where we didn't have such information, we direct you to high quality databases that might be useful in your search.

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Iowa Vital Record Batch Numbers by County

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Note: Some titles may seem to repeat but they represent different areas of a county or different records such as microfilmed church records to research.

  1. Births, 1868-1886
  2. Marriages, 1868-1885